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engineers repairing solar panels

Solar panel maintenance and remedial repair

Improve long-term performance and extend the lifespan of your solar system by keeping it expertly maintained. Speak to our Southend-on-Sea, Essex-based team today.

Keeping your solar installations in the best condition, year on year

All equipment, no matter how brilliantly constructed and technologically advanced, is subject to damage, deterioration and failure, which means, like anything else, your solar system should also be maintained to make sure it stays in top condition.

In addition to visual inspections and troubleshooting, we provide remedial work and a cleaning service, which will ensure you are generating as much power as possible, as efficiently as possible, with reduced chances of a breakdown from occurring!

Extend the lifespan of your PV panels

Keep your panels clean and super-efficient

Save money on the cost of expensive repairs

screwdriver fitting PV panels in place

Why is regular maintenance important?

Dirt accumulated on your panels will affect their ability to convert sunlight into usable electricity in your home. Nesting birds can affect the cleanliness of your panels, as well as assorted debris brought in by the elements.

Likewise, whilst your system is incredibly robust and durable, there is always the slight chance of something getting damaged or wearing out. Capturing – and remedying – these things as early as possible will keep your PV panels in the best condition and ensure you get the most out of them.

What does a solar PV service include?

  • We’ll visually inspect the system, including all hardware and cabling

  • We’ll check the condition of the panels for damage, grime and debris

  • Complete electrical testing of your solar panels, inverters and isolators

  • Solar panel cleaning, if appropriate

  • Any remedial repairs required

Solar panel technician with drill installing solar panels on roof
Solar panel with orange butterfly
For solar PV panel cleaning and maintenance, speak to the team that does it the best. Call I Love Solar Ltd 

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