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I Love Solar are members of the IWA

The Independent Warranty Association provides deposit and guarantee protection for consumers.

Deposit and guarantee protection for our customers

Most building works require some sort of deposit to be paid before work will commence. As the consumer, once you have paid that deposit, your expectation is that the work will be completed in full, after which you will pay the remaining amount.

But what if, for whatever reason, the work never gets completed? This is most often due to the company in question going out of business, but could also be a consequence of bad debt as well as intentional dishonesty and malpractice on the company’s part.

In such a situation, many fear that the work will never get done, their deposit will be lost forever and their losses will never be recouped. However, by being IWA members, we can assure our customers that, not only are we sworn to act in a responsible and professional manner, but that, should the worst happen, you and your deposit will be protected.

Your deposit is secure, whatever happens

Your guarantee will always be honoured

Peace of mind when using our services

PV panels on roof of house

How IWA membership benefits you:

  • Deposits protected of up to 25% of the full cost of the works

  • A guarantee that the promised work will be completed – or your money will be refunded

  • An invaluable safety net for you as the consumer

  • All IWA trade suppliers are fully vetted and monitored for service excellence

  • IWA policies are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

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I Love Solar are IWA members: peace of mind for you that your deposit is safe and secure.

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