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Solar cells on a roof with flowers in the foreground

Solar PV installation

Powering homes and businesses throughout Southend-on-Sea and Essex with the latest and greatest solar PV panels

Why solar PV? Why now?

The cost of heating and powering your home is on the rise. Climate change is a very real issue that is affecting our planet right now.

By investing in solar PV panels, you are reducing your reliance on energy provided by the National Grid. How? By harnessing the energy from the sun’s rays and converting it into electricity that can be used to power your home. It is even possible to store that energy using solar batteries so that you can use it later on (for instance, during evenings and the night-time when the sun is no longer shining).

Quality installation by friendly, qualified engineers

A true investment in a greener, more sustainable future

Benefit from lower energy bills and save £££s from day one

Worker Installing Solar Panels

How do solar PV panels work?

Solar PV panels consist of a number of silicon cells that generate a flow of electricity in response to sunlight shining on the panels.

The electricity generated is direct current (DC). Our household appliances, however, use alternating current (AC); so, an inverter is also installed to convert the DC electricity into AC. This is then directed to your home in order to power your appliances, devices and systems.

Solar PV works better, the sunnier it is. However, modern panels work perfectly well even when it’s cloudy!

Solar PV panels:
what you need to know

  • You usually don’t require planning permission (although it is advisable to check with your local planning office)

  • Your PV panels should be registered with the Distribution Network Operator, or DNO (we can do this for you)

  • Solar panels are an investment in the future. Over time, you will be able see a return on investment, with cheaper month-on-month bills contributing to this

  • PV panels can be combined with solar battery storage, allowing you to be smarter with your use of the electricity you produce

  • You can use the energy in your home, or sell it back to the National Grid

  • I Love Solar are MCS certified and RECC accredited, signifiers of our adherence to the highest quality standards, the best products, customer care and excellence of installation

PV panel being fitted onto roof
Solar panel with orange butterflies
Discuss the many benefits of solar PV installation with our team here at I Love Solar Ltd.

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