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Solar Panels on Roof

Solar System Upgrades

Already had a solar system installed some time ago? Is it starting to get a little long in the tooth? Consider an upgrade with I Love Solar in Southend-on-Sea, serving homes throughout Essex and beyond.

If you already have a solar system, why should you upgrade it?

Technology is always on the move. Solar PV panels of the past were less efficient and produced less power than modern ones. The cells in your panels could even have degraded over time, further reducing your system’s ability to power your home.

Finding that you need to use more and more electricity these days, perhaps due to a growing family – more devices to charge, more meals to cook? An upgrade could definitely be worth your while, especially as the cost of energy continues to rise.

Harness the true potential of your solar PV system

Start generating more energy and saving more money

Benefit from quality work by some of the best in the business

Salesman showing solar panel to couple sitting on sofa in living room

How do you know if you need an upgrade or not?

There are a few things to look out for. First, check the physical condition of the panels, looking for obvious signs of damage such as cracks, scratches, rust, discoloration, and any damaged cables and connections.


You should also make a record of your solar output over time. Is it regularly less than 80% of the system’s intended output, even on the sunniest days? The system may be underperforming.

In which ways can we upgrade your solar system?

  • By adding extra panels

  • By replacing your existing panels

  • By adding Solar Battery Storage

  • By replacing your inverter

  • By replacing any signs of deterioration or damage

Electrician checking solar panels
Solar panel with orange butterfly
Start feeling the benefit of your solar PV system once more. Contact I Love Solar Ltd to discuss our solar upgrades on:

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