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The MCS certificate for solar panels: what is it?

MCS is the standard by which all solar PV contractors and installers should be adhering, and the certificate is proof that such a standard has been met.

All solar products installed by I Love Solar come with an MCS certificate!

Low-carbon technologies such as solar PV and battery storage should have been manufactured, tested and installed to the highest of standards.

MCS stands for Microgeneration Certification Scheme. Nearly all energy suppliers require your Solar PV System to be fitted and certified by an MCS accredited installer such as I Love Solar, in order to be able to claim your SEG payments for the excess electricity you export to the grid. It is a signifier of excellence, integrity and quality, and is the assurance that all homeowners looking to invest in solar technology should be looking out for.

MCS is a mark of quality in the solar industry

Peace of mind for you, the customer

I Love Solar are 100% MCS certified!

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Choose I Love Solar as your renewable energy installer

Whether you are investing in solar PV panels, solar batteries, EV charge points, a solar system upgrade or all at once, we will ensure your investment is worth every penny.

What does your MCS certificate demonstrate?

  • That your installer is competent and works to the highest industry standard

  • That you can claim your SEG payments for the excess energy you export to the Grid.

  • That your installer possesses the necessary qualifications and training

  • That your solar system has been designed and manufactured to a high standard, using MCS-approved appliances

  • That the money you are spending in your investment will not go to waste on inferior products and equipment

  • That you will be protected by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) Approved Code of Practice.

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All equipment installed by I Love Solar Ltd, Essex, comes with the MCS certificate as proof of quality. Call to speak with us now on

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