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Newly build houses with solar panels attached on the roof against a sunny sky

NICEIC-certified solar installers

NICEIC is the leading certification body for the electrical contracting industry, and at I Love Solar we are proud to be among its members.

For confidence in our abilities as electricians and solar PV installers

The NICEIC conducts regular inspections on its members, ensuring tight levels of quality control and adherence to best practice as well as health and safety protocols. What’s more, becoming a member at all is no mean feat: applicants must ensure demonstrate compliance with the latest electrical regulations, ensuring all work is carried out safely and to the latest standards.

Any electrical system carries it with it the risk of faults, safety hazards and even fire, and – despite their impressive track record for safety – solar panels are no different. So it goes without saying that choosing a contractor you can rely on for competence, workmanship and integrity is essential when making your investment.


At I Love Solar we can assure all of our present and future clients that we are proud to be fully registered with the NICEI and act in accordance with its regulations, expectations and training.

Quality and safety assurance

Regular inspection and training for members

Peace of mind for you, our customer

What NICEIC membership means for you:

I Love Solar MCS NICEIC Approved Contractor.png
  • Assurance of a correctly installed system in accordance with industry regulations

  • Total compliance with the latest standards

  • A health-and-safety trained team

  • Peace of mind in the safe installation of all wiring and electrical components

  • NICEIC regularly inspects its members, with up-to-date training always available

  • Reduced risk of accident and injury, fires and faults resulting from poor-quality installation or equipment

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As NICEIC-registered solar installers, we adhere to the latest industry standards. For quality, compliant work, contact I Love Solar

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