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Solar panels fixed on the rooftop of a house

I Love Solar: proud to be CTSI members

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute is one of the world's longest-standing organisations dedicated to trading standards and consumer protection.

Invaluable protection and peace of mind for our customers

“Rogue traders”, “cowboys” … we’ve all encountered them at some point, especially in the building, property maintenance and home improvements-related trade. Nobody wants to have to deal with a business that is dishonest about its qualifications, practices and pricing structure, whose approach to customer care is unscrupulous at best, and whose work is invariably of a sloppy, unsafe and less-than-competent standard. The Chartered Trading Standards Institute exists to put a stop to such practices.


At I Love Solar, we hope that our CTSI membership gives you, our potential customer, the reassurance that we are a firm that cares about doing things right. Transparency, fairness, quality products and workmanship, health and safety, effective communication and honest pricing all form the backbone of our business.

Quality work and customer care

Transparent, fair and honest practices

Protecting our customers

Energy efficient house with solar panels on roof

What CTSI membership means for you:

  • You'll never be misled by us; we'll always be honest and transparent

  • No hidden costs or deceptive practices

  • Qualified, well-trained, competent staff

  • All products, equipment is of the expected high standard

  • Safe, compliant installation

  • We "play by the book" in all aspects of our business

  • We keep our customers protected from shoddy workmanship and poor customer service, as well as the financial and emotional harm this can cause

Solar panel with orange butterfly
At I Love Solar we always act in your best interests and in accordance with trading standards regulations

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