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Solar Battery Storage

Getting the most out of your solar panels, using more renewable energy to power your home and reducing your reliance on the grid. Perfect for forward-thinking homeowners in Southend-on-Sea and all areas of Essex.

What is solar battery storage?

In short, solar batteries are the ideal way to utilise more of the renewable energy that your solar panels generate. They achieve this by allowing you to store the electricity produced by your panels, which can be used at a time that suits you.

After all, solar PV panels generate the most energy during the day – at a time when the least electricity is typically used. Storing that energy means you’ll need to import less electricity from the grid – keeping you and your home greener, more cost-effective and more sustainable.

Quality installation by friendly, qualified engineers

Save the energy you generate for when you need it

Further reduce your reliance on the grid

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How do solar batteries work?

The cells in your solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy, which is then used to power your home. However, when there is more energy being generated than is required to power your home, the electricity can instead be directed into your solar battery, charging it as time goes on.


The solar-charged battery will then discharge the electricity it has stored after the sun has gone down, powering your home during the evening and throughout the night.

Working with I Love Solar on your solar energy installation means:

  • You can benefit from a dual setup: we’ll install your solar PV panels and solar battery at the same time, saving you money

  • Already have PV panels? Not a problem! We can add solar battery storage to your system, or even provide a complete upgrade

  • You can use the energy you generate as and when you need it

  • You’ll be contributing to a more sustainable future, lowering your home’s carbon footprint

  • You’ll be able to save money on energy bills, making back the cost of the initial installation over time

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